Society of introduction

    • Introduction of Association for Research of MPS & Rare Diseases (ARMRD)
    • ARMRD was founded to support collaborative research on MPSs and rare diseases.
    • ARMRD was established by Dr. Dong-Kyu Jin and his associates in April in 2015.
    • ARMRD is an academic society to support research on MPS and other rare diseases, and is established as a corporate body.
    • The headquarters of ARMRD is located in Seoul, Korea.
    • Main task of ARMRD is to support APMN (Asia Pacific MPS Network) related work, and objectives of ARMRD is as follows.
    1. Support for APMN meeting
    2. Management & activation of APMR (All types of MPSs including Morquio A disease)
    3. Management of ARMRD homepage
    4. Support for MPS and rare diseases related symposium
    5. Publication of MPS and rare diseases related guideline